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Mobideo is a global hi-tech company transforming the way industrial workforces operate and perform. By digitalizing work processes and leveraging cloud, big data analytics, mobility and machine learning technologies, it enables owner-operators in asset-intensive industries to achieve unprecedented levels of operational excellence and increased profitability.

This is achieved with the Mobideo Platform – an integrated suite of applications for the safe, compliant and efficient management of the industrial workforce. Connecting workers to increase productivity, accountability and traceability and connecting managers to improve visibility and enhance real-time decision-making, the Mobideo Platform promotes better individual performance and empowers collaborative teamwork. This results in improved financial outcomes, optimized resource allocation, continuous process improvement and increased effectiveness, safety and productivity.

Founded in 2008, Mobideo meets the highest industry standards and is ISO 27001 cyber security certified. Employing a team of seasoned professionals worldwide, it supports customers in a range of asset-intensive industries, including oil & gas, chemicals, power, aviation, marine and life sciences.

Leadership Team

Yaron Eppel

CEO & Co-Founder

Amir Green

CTO & Co-Founder

Paul Muir

CRO & President of NA

Noit Peleg


Eran Burns

COO & Head of CS

Sivan Baron

VP of HR

Maya Dror Melamed

VP Marketing

Haim Kisher


Racheli Nehemia

VP Product

Samuel Solomon



Company values matter. They set the stage for what we believe in and what we will commit to. They also tell you what you can expect from us. They are our promise to you and the very essence of our identity.


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January 27, 2021

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