Can STO Manageability and Efficiency be Transformed?

YES. By Addressing the Complete STO Lifecycle

From premise to lessons-learned, the scale and complexity of STOs (Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages) require attention to every stage and process. This is necessary to ensure that planning is thorough, scheduling is realistic, and the resources required are in place.

Every event is an opportunity to learn. The more we leverage data, rather than subjective opinions, the better. Powerful analytics capabilities reveal insights and trends across diverse yet connected data-sets never before available.


STO Preparation

Determination of readiness for STO execution, through detailed planning from STO initiation to STO execution

An array of intelligent planning tools for:

  1. Managing pre-event activities
  2. Defining scope
  3. Field walk-down
  4. Cost and schedule modelling
  5. Input to third party detailed scheduling systems
  6. Synchronizing activities, labor and resources

Benefits for STO Preparation

Agile & efficient

Event modeling &
assessment of execution scenarios

Alignment of
stakeholders through readiness dashboard

Management of
additional work requests

Enhanced use of
third-part planning systems


STO Execution

Performance and status monitoring and analysis, from start of shutdown to completion of startup

Improved manageability and performance through:

  1. Multi-source dashboards enriched with real-time information
  2. Constant assessment of options
  3. Resource-aware task dispatch automation for routine activities
  4. Predictions, detection of gaps and recommendations, driving better, faster decision-making
  5. Replanning, rescoping and rescheduling in minutes
  6. Real-time stakeholder-specific dashboards

Benefits for STO Execution

Actionable insights
focused on leading performance indicators

Accountability &

Optimal use of

Improved quality
and safety

Automation of
administrative & coordination activities


STO Debrief

Learning from the STO in a post-STO review

Understanding the STO and determination of overall success of the process through:

  1. Assessment of planning vs. actual execution results
  2. Compliance with budget, schedule & scope objectives
  3. Appraisal of failures, barriers and discoveries
  4. Efficiency of change management
  5. Detailed personnel and contractor benchmarking data

Benefits for STO Debrief

Learn from

Gain insights for
the future

Determine future
KPIs & benchmarks for improvement

Identify opportunities
for automation & innovation