The Connected Workforce

Optimizing complex work processes and empowering collaborative teamwork, contractor management and knowhow ingestion.


Connected Worker

The Mobideo App

The Mobideo App enables workers to seamlessly access all the information they need to perform their work at the point-of-service. The Mobideo App aggregates all essential data from multiple sources and presents it to workers in the context and order that tasks should be performed. It guides workers through the work process, reduces the likelihood of human error, validates that work is performed by-the-book, and enables communication with managers and peers.

The Mobideo App is fully operational both online and offline, on any mobile device (iOS, Android and Windows-based). The data is converged into the Mobideo App from existing process documentation materials such as SOPs, best practices and organizational knowhow; from IT systems such as ERP, EAM and PLM; and from OT systems such as SCADA and IIoT platforms.


Increases productivity

Ensures compliance

Improves accountability & traceability

Reduces errors & re-works

Enhances workforce competence & safety


Complete data access

Access to required information in the field at the right time and location, delivering contextual aggregation of all data resources through a single point-of-entry.

Capture of field data

Step-by-step process execution – including the capture of data input, timestamps, location tags, signatures and images – and provision of a digital data trail.

Validation of adherence

Precise task execution with full adherence to processes and best practices.

Interaction with peers

Contextual communication with peers and supervisors.

Personalized interfaces

Customization of displays by language, role and skills.

Adaptive and agnostic

Online/offline operation on all mobile devices.

Connected Manager

The Mobideo Control Center

The Mobideo Control Center connects managers at all levels, giving them real-time visibility and insights into the most detailed elements of all remote work activities. Empowering managers with situational awareness – by constantly monitoring activities and comparing them to predefined KPIs – the Mobideo Control Center delivers alerts to deviations from plans, management by exceptions, and identification of critical risks to work processes.

The Mobideo Control Center is easily customizable to specific business parameters and permits managers to formulate real-time decision adjustments – such as shifting priorities and optimizing resource allocations – based on instantaneous, granular data analysis. Furthermore, it enables efficient coordination between different crafts, skills and locations that are dependent on specific orders of execution.


Increases productivity

Improves visibility

Enhances decision-making

Optimizes resource allocation

Ensures compliance

Reduces risks


Workforce monitoring

Real-time, 360° view of field execution, dramatically improving situational awareness.

Field execution optimization

Real-time events and work plans, modification of priorities and efficient resource allocation.

Event-driven reporting

Alerts to critical path bottlenecks and focus on high-impact events, keeping managers resolute and improving efficiency.

Deployment of corrective actions

Rapid response and resolution of events by fast deployment of the necessary corrective actions.

Decision support system

Aggregated, consolidated and analyzed data for data-centric decision-making.

Personalized dashboards & data analytics

Customized analytics by application, role and responsibility, including personalized KPI monitoring and tracking.

Process Optimization

The Mobideo Optimizer

The Mobideo Optimizer captures all data from the Mobideo App and the Mobideo Control Center, generating a rich data set for immediate BI analysis. This valuable data enables managers to evaluate how tasks are actually being executed and identify trends and work patterns, driving continuous process improvement and strengthening operational excellence.


Captures best practices

Enables organizational transformation

Improves negotiation capability

Strengthens change management

Supports digital transfer/generation transition


Capture of performance data

Systematic feed of Six Sigma and lean manufacturing data programs and measurements.

Re-engineering of processes

Identification of opportunities for process improvements and on-the-fly, cross-organizational insights.

KPI measurement and analysis

Implementation of big data analytics to capture, measure and analyze real data and track KPIs.

Distribution of knowhow

Transfer and roll-out of knowhow across regions, roles and functions.

Recording and leveraging of best practices

Identification and capture of best processes and tribal knowledge.

Support of change management

Promotion of change management initiatives, after-the-fact analyses and performance management.

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