Asset-intensive industries Serving customers in a wide variety of asset-intensive industries.


In the power industry, reserve/redundancy units are often utilized for both short and long-term repair and maintenance programs, some of which include offsite projects performed by contractors.  We address every aspect of capital improvements, operation and maintenance across asset lifecycles, significantly improving offsite surveillance, asset reliability and uptime. From builds and maintenance operations to shutdowns and outages, we integrate all disparate IT systems and work processes into a single, cohesive execution environment which addresses the dynamic and complex nature of STOs and results in:
  • Higher asset uptime
  • Utilization of redundancy units
  • Improved offsite surveillance and contractor management
  • Better retention of expertise and knowhow
  • Increased safety and environmental compliance
  • Reduced operational risks
  • Significant savings in asset maintenance, improvements and efficiency


Are your manager’s decisions based on real-time data from the field?

Mobideo Delivers

  • Real-time visibility and situational awareness
  • Real-time dashboards and data analytics to support manager decision-making

Workforce Competence

Are your workers working according to your processes and best practices?

Mobideo Delivers

  • Presentation of tasks and relevant instructions to workers on any mobile device
  • Real-time monitoring of worker performance and execution

Work Quality/Efficiency

Is work being performed efficiently and at a suitable level of quality?

Mobideo Delivers

  • Validation of adherence to required task execution plan
  • Resolution of events through the rapid deployment of corrective actions

EHS Conformance

How do you verify that work is aligned with the relevant EHS guidelines and requirements?

Mobideo Delivers

  • Paper-free environment that empowers work by-the-book, prevents shortcuts and includes specific checklists embedded in every task
  • Real-time visibility to managers, ensuring proactive, fast response and easier mitigation of EHS risks

Operations Management

Facing problems tracking offsite operations, contractor performance and managing budgets and schedules?

Mobideo Delivers

  • Step-by-step capture of task execution and data input, including timestamps, location tags and signatures
  • Optimized field execution and increased productivity through real-time events and work plans, modifiable priorities and efficient resource allocation

Multiple Systems

Forced to work with multiple systems to support different tasks and use cases?

Mobideo Delivers

  • One robust platform with multiple use cases
  • A dSTO Operating System that establishes a fundamentally different way for turnaround groups to manage the full STO lifecycle
  • Seamless integration with existing IT/OT systems, ensuring use of existing data, use cases and point solutions

Access to Data

Is your unique knowhow and data stored in diverse, often unstructured and forgotten systems?

Mobideo Delivers

  • Seamless and safe ingestion/digitalization of knowhow and processes from documents, forms and IT/OT systems – a paperless world where no documents have to be printed
  • An elastic data model that precisely mirrors business processes and operational knowhow in a cyber-secure, customized data model

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