Asset-intensive industries Serving customers in a wide variety of asset-intensive industries.

Oil & Gas

We raise reliability and safety, minimize asset downtime, enhance workforce competency and facilitate regulatory compliance in every aspect of STOs, maintenance and improvements required across entire asset lifecycles.


Typified by a diversity of data – from plastics and animal foods to food additives and medical raw materials – chemical workforces need to comply with stringent production demands, including the handling of hazardous and sterile materials. Furthermore, data safety and cyber security of unique knowhow and advanced technologies are essential.


We increase asset uptime and availability, improve offsite surveillance and maintenance efficiency and reduce overall costs and operational risks throughout the maintenance and improvements involved in asset lifecycles.


We reduce turnaround duration, drive safety and compliance and lower operations costs for MRO projects, which, depending on the onsite inspection of each component, are typified by elements of unplanned work.

Life Sciences

We provide regulatory-compliant solutions, including an EBR (Electronic Batch Record) system that automates and digitalizes manual documentation processes, thereby improving quality, safety and efficiency and delivering better business results in all manufacturing processes.

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