Smarter Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage Management

Can Digital Fundamentally Change STO Manageability?

YES. Using the MobideoSTO Operating System

The MobideoSTO Operating System has been developed to improve manageability, efficiency and agility. It is a technology framework that connects existing systems, data and people; combines a best digital practice playbook and an intelligent management toolset; and improves outcomes across the full STO lifecycle.

MobideoSTO Operating System Key Principles

The MobideoSTO Operating System is designed around the following principles:


High-VUCA Management Environment

Intelligent, data-rich and flexible management environment that unifies existing data to provide a real-time single source of truth and agile change management processes.


AI & Automation-Driven Best Digital Practices

Automated best digital practice processes that drive work forward and adapt, in real-time, to changing priorities, conditions, resources, and constraints.


Improved Readiness, Predictability & Learning

STO modelling tools and unified data views provide improved front-end loading and a holistic view of event readiness; rich real-time analytics improve predictability of event cost and schedule outcomes; granular data capture of event activities facilitates objective debriefs and learning for future planning.

Management with the MobideoSTO Operating System:
Experience the Digital Difference from Start to Finish


Technology Foundation

The components of the Operating System that operate in the background and are essential for it to function, including: process automation, configuration management, reporting engine, task dispatcher, notifications, mobile device synchronization, security management and connectors for integration to existing third-party enterprise applications such as planning, scheduling, maintenance management and ERP solutions.


Best Digital Practices

The Operating System management framework – a best digital practice playbook for the effective management and execution of STOs. Includes out-the-box procedures, work processes, checklists, KPIs, and dashboards.


Smart Management Layer

The technologies, experience and expertise that transform the Operating System to an enhanced, smart solution for the management of the complete STO lifecycle. Machine learning algorithms make processes flexible and intelligent, transforming agility and keeping work moving forward in the most effective way.

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