One patented technology. Four core pillars.


No-code Platform

Simple and intuitive customization via an easy-to-use drag & drop tool

The Mobideo Platform is an enterprise low-code application platform (LCAP) that offers compelling productivity gains for professional and personal development, as well as the benefits of fast delivery. It supports rapid application development; one-step deployment; and execution and management using declarative, high-level programming abstractions, such as model-driven and metadata-based programming languages. In comparison to conventional platforms, the Mobideo Platform enhances the development of user interfaces, business logic and data services, improving productivity at the expense of portability across vendors.


Knowhow Ingestion

Seamless upload of unique operational knowhow and processes

The Mobideo Platform facilitates the conversion of unique operational knowhow – as it is captured in existing documentation – into automated, validated and guided business processes. It can also bundle this data with information retrieved from ERP, EAM and IoT platforms, and other third-party enterprise software products.


Elastic Data Model

Precise mirroring and deployment of business processes and operational knowhow

The Mobideo Platform perfectly mirrors and deploys existing business processes and internal expertise into fully customizable data, instantly maintaining, improving and future-proofing the organization’s proprietary knowledgebase.


Data Granularity

Management of the most detailed aspects of field operations

The Mobideo Platform captures granular data elements and converts them into valid tables and actionable data components that represent real knowledge concerning performance, costs and compliance.