Can Turnarounds Be Flawless?
Is it Possible to Optimize Them from Beginning to End?

YES. By Adopting a Holistic Approach to STO Management

MobideoSTO is a Digital STO (Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage) Operating System. Incorporating an out-of-the-box playbook, smart technology and best practice based on extensive real-world experience, it delivers a fundamental change in the management and execution of STOs.
MobideoSTO integrates with existing systems of record and supports the unique challenges related to visibility, communication, change and collaboration by leveraging previously siloed data to enhance management information and speed of response.
This results in a transformational holistic solution for the effective preparation, execution and debrief of STOs.

Overcoming VUCA & Additional Challenges in STOs

MobideoSTO addresses the root causes that lead to the huge schedule and cost overruns that characterize STO
projects, while simultaneously improving quality and safety performance. This is achieved by:



Integrating existing systems and data enables a unified, richer and more insightful single source of truth for management, facilitating timely decision-making based on facts and insights from the field.


Implementing Best
Practice & Automation

Implementing best practice processes that leverage the latest in AI, machine learning and automation ensures responsiveness to the complexity and change that typify any STO, and reduces time spent on routine task management.


Connecting the

Connecting the workforce in real-time to the information they need, their peers and management improves efficiency, quality and safety.


Improving the Process

Access to detailed activity metrics supports data-driven lessons-learned sessions, and builds a foundation for process improvement and benchmarking.


  • Significantly improves STO scope, cost, schedule, quality and EHS performance
  • Facilitates a work environment characterized by standardization, alignment, control, visibility, accountability, and agility
  • Increases efficiency and consistency, while reducing risk, through automation and collaboration
  • Leverages best practice processes, enabling data-driven lessons learned for continuous improvement and benchmarking