How it Works

The Mobideo Platform is an integrated suite of applications covering the end-to-end processes related to the safe, compliant and efficient management of industrial work processes. This involves:

  • Ingestion of data from various data sources
  • Automatic data digitalization and transformation
  • Data storage and continuous processing using big data analytics and machine learning
  • Delivery of tasks to fieldworkers and real-time data to managers for situational awareness and decision-making

The Mobideo Platform drives the success of industrial projects with large workforces and complex work processes by transforming execution and management and delivering:

  • Business process efficiency, standardization and excellence
  • Enhanced work manageability
  • Improved quality and compliance
  • Catalyst for business innovation and continuous process optimization
  • Easy accessibility and operation by non-technical personnel

Data sources

The Mobideo Platform contextually aggregates and synthesizes data from all data sources into a single point of entry. Data is converged into the Mobideo Platform from existing process documentation materials such as SOPs, best practices and organizational knowhow; from Information Technology systems such as ERP, EAM and PLM; and from Operational Technology systems such as SCADA, MES and IIoT platforms.

API layer

Mobideo complements, integrates and updates all existing data sources as it captures workforce execution at the point-of-service. Integration to existing systems of record such as IT (ERP, EAP, PPM) and OT (Scada, MES, IIoT) is accomplished through flexible web-service APIs that are easily configured to operate in real-time, near real-time and batch modes.

The Mobideo Studio

Mobideo Studio is an authoring tool that digitalizes work processes. It enables Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and content managers to rapidly and seamlessly import process documentation – including documents/forms and data sources – apply rich metadata on top of the original content and convert it into a rich digital format. It then combines this information with data from disparate IT/OT systems and delivers it to the Mobideo App and the Mobideo Control Center. Mobideo Studio is an intuitive tool requiring no programming or coding skills, and is operational after brief training.

The Mobideo Engine

The Mobideo Engine manages the content – the imported processes, data sources and tasks to be performed in the field – unifying it in a single location for execution according to predefined permissions. Furthermore, it automatically builds elastic data models for mirroring an organization’s specific knowhow and best practices, according to the processes loaded into the Platform.

This is achieved through a series of components: an elastic data model; a repository for the secure storage of all types of relevant files; implementation of business logic, processes and APIs for communication with external IT/OT systems sources; and AI, machine learning and data analytics capabilities for the real-time analysis of data collected from the field and comparisons with historical data and trends. This delivers relevant insights and advanced visibility on the status of work in the field, improves manager decision-making capabilities, enables the adjustment of priorities in response to business and environmental dynamics and continuously drives improvement and innovation.

The Mobideo App

The Mobideo App enables fieldworkers to use any mobile device (iOS, Android and Windows) to seamlessly access all the information they need to perform their work at the point-of-service. Built from existing SOPs and knowhow and aggregation of all essential data from multiple sources, it is operational online and offline, interacting with fieldworkers in the context and order that tasks should be performed. The Mobideo App guides workers through the process, shielding them from making mistakes, validating that they work by-the-book, and enabling them to communicate with managers and peers.

The Mobideo Control Center

The Mobideo Control Center connects managers to real-time task execution in the field, historical data, predictive analytics and KPIs, delivering real-time situational awareness and intelligent business operations and insights to enhance manager decision-making. It empowers managers by constantly monitoring remote work activities and comparing them to predefined KPIs, thereby alerting them to deviations from plans, managing by exceptions, and identifying critical risks to work processes.

The Mobideo Control Center is easily customizable to specific business parameters and permits managers to formulate real-time decision adjustments – such as shifts in priorities and optimization of resource allocations – based on instantaneous, granular data analysis. Furthermore, it enables efficient coordination between different crafts, skills and locations that are dependent on a specific order of execution.

AI and Machine Learning

The Mobideo Platform AI and machine learning capabilities enable the real-time analysis of data collected from the field, as well as comparisons with historical data. This delivers relevant insights and advanced visibility on the status of work in the field, enabling managers to adjust priorities in response to business and environmental dynamics and continuously drive improvement and innovation.

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