The Mobideo Platform

The Mobideo Platform is an integrated suite of applications covering the end-to-end processes related to the safe, compliant and efficient management of industrial workforces. This involves the ingestion of data from various data sources; automatic data digitalization and transformation; and data storage and continuous processing using big data analytics and machine learning, delivering real-time situational awareness and insights on project status at all times.

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The Connected Workforce

Connects workers to increase productivity, accountability & traceability; connects managers to improve visibility and enhance decision-making.

How it Works

Transforms the execution and management of industrial projects to improve decision-making and optimize resource allocation.


One patented technology. Four core pillars: no-code platform, seamless knowhow ingestion, elastic data model and optimal data granularity.


ISO-9001/27001 cyber security certified Platform based on a holistic approach and commitment to security.

One platform to future-proof your digital strategy

The Mobideo Platform supports many use cases as your digitalization journey matures.

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May 20, 2024

Connected Plant Conference


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