We’re Committed to our Customer’s Security

Expertise and Responsibility

None of us are immune to cyber/security attacks. For all our customers – some of the largest and most threatened industries around the world, supervised and controlled by the most stringent regulations – cyber security is of cardinal importance. From our extensive security experience, we fully understand the size and significance of the potential threats faced by our customers and take our responsibilities seriously.

Security Based on Advanced Methodologies

Our team of world-leading cyber security experts have the cutting-edge knowledge to ensure the security of our platform. In addition to continuous platform testing – to verify reliability, availability and optimal security against evolving threats – we integrate the most advanced security methodologies, including:

Security by Design:

Security of the architecture, design and structure of our platform through ongoing threat modelling/mitigation and the elimination of vulnerabilities. This includes authentication verification, session management, access control, input validation, cryptography at rest, error handling and logging, data protection, communications security, business logic, and the security of content, resources and our mobile app.

Security by Default:

In-depth defensive and conservative security settings based on stringent access limitations, avoidance of risky default changes and limitations on the use of commonly-used services.

Security in Deployment:

Detailed deployment guidelines, analyses, threat modelling, automatic management tools and patch deployment tools to optimize deployment security, eliminate human error and enable fast updates. Database security is ensured through secure, authenticated access controls and the implementation of proprietary encryption algorithms and other data encryption technologies for sensitive data, including MDM, MFA and SSO.

Security in Communications:

Certified HTTPS-based server communications and message encryption, ongoing education and training of users on data integrity issues, and the delivery of timely security responses when threats arise. Service security is ensured by eliminating direct connection to the database and authentication of every caller, and the encrypted storage of sensitive, application-specific transactional and textual data in RAM.

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International Cyber Security Certification

Mobideo is ISO 27001 certified. This is verification of our compliance to the most stringent cyber security demands and substantiation that we have the necessary information security controls in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information assets.

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Security Support Services

The key to success and security is in long-term relationships with our customers. All year round, we invest in resources, development, equipment and training to ensure that our customers get the most secure solution. Our team of security experts also provide a range of consultant services – from support in installation and implementation of our solutions to ongoing awareness and understanding of protection and cyber security – enabling our customers to protect their data and keep hackers at bay.

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Secure Deployment Opportunities

We work together with our customers to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs, including on-premise installations and cloud-based (SaaS) installations on private secure clouds or on our secure AWS S3 cloud. In addition to providing optimal protection of main assets and delivering reliability, flexibility and availability, deployment in the AWS S3 cloud ensures a high level of physical and logical information security. Furthermore, our security experts can develop and implement customized data security controls designed according to specific customer demands.

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Threat Modeling Services

For projects requiring even more cyber security, we offer threat analysis and other tailor-made solutions that address specific security needs. Any secure system requires a thorough understanding of the possible threats, and our threat modeling services cover a security-based analysis of the proposed deployment and its ability to mitigate the basic attack methodologies of potential hackers. This involves identifying assets; examining data flows; building user and attacker profiles; ranking threats according to potential risk; selecting appropriate responses, mitigation techniques and security technologies; and creating an architecture overview based on a clear understanding of the critical assets, possible threats and solutions for mitigation.

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