When the Going Gets Tough,
the Tough Get Digital

Your Move to Smart STO (Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage) Management

MobideoSTO Launch Event - April 28, 2021

When the Going
Gets Tough, the
Tough Gets Digital

Your Move to Smart
STO Management

Do your STOs overrun?
Exceed budget?
What’s the root cause?

Time to address the key factors that determine STO success – scope, cost, schedule, quality and EHS.

Can a turnaround be flawless?

We’ve developed a completely different approach
to STO management.

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Turnaround Savings Calculator

Understand the business value of MobideoSTO in your turnaround.

Can digital fundamentally change turnaround management?

Time to step up to MobideoSTO – the first ever Digital STO
Operating System.

Want to manage the whole STO lifecycle more efficiently, and learn for future improvement?

MobideoSTO manages pre-STO preparation, STO execution and post-STO debrief.


5 Transformational Outcomes

Want to prepare better and earlier, stay ahead of your event, learn, adapt and improve?

MobideoSTO in action

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