Commissioning & Startups

Commissioning & Startups



Absolute Deadlines

Executing complex processes under pressure and time constraints often leads to starting CSU activities when plans and schedules are not fully checked/at an acceptable level.


Safety & Reliability

High-risk, often unfamiliar activities, historically the cause of accidents, failures and other issues such as reduced quality/throughput.


Execution to Plan

Stringent inspection, checking, cleaning, flushing, verification and testing of all assets under as-close-to-real-world-conditions as possible.


Data Availability

Availability of all required technical manuals, drawings, specs and applicable data before proceeding with any sequence/procedure.


Unknowns & Visibility

Difficulty in communicating progress on multiple activities performed by cross-functional teams working under pressure, such as: What’s complete? What’s underway? Fabrication issues? Damage? Personnel injuries?


Knowledge Transfer

Differences between technical requirements/execution plans and onsite implementation; human error/loss of data from the use of uncontrolled paper-based records; and accurate collection of ‘as-built’ and ‘as-commissioned’ data.


Time to Decision

Slower or incorrect decision-making because of lack of timely information.


The Mobideo Platform offers a paradigm shift in the execution of CSUs by digitalizing workflows, forms and checklists and delivering notifications, alerts, reports, digital wallcharts and KPI dashboards. Integrating with existing systems of record such as schedule and EAM/APM/CMMS solutions, it rapidly digitalizes unique know-how and content captured in operational documentation (such as manuals, SOPs and checklists) and then integrates it in existing planned and scheduled activities as actionable tasks and digitalized checklists that can be dispatched to workers and teams in real-time. This digitalization delivers three important solutions:

Connected Workers

The Mobideo App provides workers and inspectors with specific tasks containing all relevant information, including granular, step-by-step procedures for execution, automatic sign-offs and hazard notifications where applicable. Enabling them to dynamically populate task content and complete their work using any mobile device, it ensures that they only perform what is necessary.

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Connected Managers

The Mobideo Control Center turns planned CSU activities into actionable, digitalized tasks, grouped and organized in the correct sequence of execution and delivering complete auditability – who did what, where and when – on each task and piece of equipment. Based on digitalized punch lists – FAT, ABC checklists augmented with logical checks to ensure the streamlined progression of activities according to availability to work – it enables the automatic, real-time dispatching of tasks to onsite teams or personnel with specific skillsets. Furthermore, it identifies and tracks delays along the entire CSU process and delivers a clear path to issue resolution with minimal friction between cross-functional team members and associated support staff.

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Process Optimization

The Mobideo Optimizer captures all data from the Mobideo App and the Mobideo Control Center, generating a rich data set that is displayed in real-time digital wallcharts and available for immediate BI analysis. This valuable data serves a range of purposes – such as KPI measurement and analysis, evaluation of how tasks are actually being executed (‘as commissioned’ vs. ‘as built’ documentation) and identification of trends and work patterns – that drive continuous process improvement and strengthen operational excellence.

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Real-time visibility of the execution of all planned activities

Display of the status, progression and actual data entry on real-time digital wallcharts reduces the need for constant person-to-person communication and frees time to focus on improving the CSU process, anticipating issues in advance and solving issues faster.

Continuous, real-time activity tracking ensures ongoing compliance to data collection, data retention, safety and regulatory requirements, as well as the automatic generation of audit-ready reports at the touch of a button.

Strict adherence and enforcement of required activity sequences and correct execution of critical steps drives CSU operational excellence.

Less time is wasted and productivity is raised because workers only see task-specific data on demand – digital checklists and information on what has to be done and how it has to be executed.

The ability to proactively solve/mitigate problems before they are detrimental frees-up time and resources by reducing the occurrence of major issues that require the immediate response of team members.

Real-time tracking of CSU activities and progress enables the immediate capture of issues as they evolve and the fast implementation of applicable changes in the CSU plan – including timely, transparent recording/documentation at a high level of accuracy – thereby reducing bottlenecks and delays until a remedy is found.

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